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Don’t Click the Facebook BOOST POST Button!

Written Dec. 11, 2017 by Conor Green

What’s the Boost Button?

If you have a Facebook business page you have probably seen the blue “Boost Post” and even received notifications about boosting your post. Facebook markets the button as a way to “quickly create a Facebook ad using your post. This ad can appear in different places on Facebook, and you can show it to an audience of people you define. Boosting a post from your business Page is a quick and easy way to show your content to people who might be interested.”

It is true that the “Boost Post” button quickly creates a Facebook ad using your post. It is also true that it can help you get some extra exposure and engagement on your post, beyond its natural organic reach. However, this quick ad could be very ineffective at helping achieve your business goals and is most likely a waste of your precious marketing dollars.

What Type of Facebook Ad Does it Create?

When you click “Boost Post”, Facebook will always create ad campaigns for “Page Post Engagement”, which is centered around likes, shares, and comments. If you just launched your business and want to gain a little bit of general exposure then this could be beneficial. Most likely though, this type of ad campaign will quickly eat up your budget and not create any new customer leads. Your ad will be targeted at people who are likely to react (like, share, comment) to your post, not those likely to go to your website, sign up for your event, or convert as a customer.

So I Should Never Give in and Click it?

The “Page Post Engagement” ad type can be very effective for certain business goals. If you have a a great piece of content that you want your followers to see, have content that people want to share that links to your website, or want to spend a little bit of money each month on page like ads, then using “Boost Post” would work. However, in general you are going to want to try to resist hitting that blue button!

What’s the Alternative?

Instead of boosting your post and limiting yourself to one ad type, you should use Facebook’s Power Editor. Through the Power Editor you can manage multiple ads, utilize advanced targeting, placement, connections, and optimize for certain goals. All of this power comes at the cost of usability, which is why Facebook introduced the “Boost Post” button. The Power Editor can be a little intimidating and confusing at times, but it is worth it to create ads that will optimize your marketing dollars and help you raise your bottom line.

Confused or still have some questions? I’d be happy to help! Contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Ready to Elevate?

Hey, I'm Conor. I'm determined to grow businesses. My only question is will it be yours?